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Pieter van Woensel, Remarks, made on a journey through Turkey, Natolia, the Crimea and Russia, in the years 1784–89.

coverduo-Pieter-van-Woensel-207An English translation and commentary by Laban Kaptein in three parts.


The 2007 critical edition of Ahmed Bijan’s cosmography Dürr-i meknûn (DM) has greatly stimulated interest in what must be considered the book’s prequel, Eindtijd en Antichrist. To meet demand a revised English edition of Eindtijd en Antichrist is now available.


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TitleApocalypse and the Antichrist Dajjal in Islam. Ahmed Bijan’s eschatology revisited.
AuthorLaban Kaptein
Year2011 (original Dutch 1997)
Publisherprivately published (Laban Kaptein, Asch)
Dimensions240 mm × 160 mm × 14 mm, xviii, 230 pages, 410 g

Ahmed Bican Yazıcıoğlu, Dürr-i meknûn. Kritische Edition mit Kommentar. Laban Kaptein (Hg.)

dm-groot-207The first critical text edition of the Dürr-i Meknûn, the Turkish cosmography by the famous dervish Ahmed Bican (Ahmed Bidjan, Bijan) Yazıcıoğlu. The publishing of this 15th century work, edited by the Dutch Turkologist Laban Kaptein, is particularly significant for research into culture and language in the early Ottoman period.

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TitleAhmed Bican Yazıcıoğlu, Dürr-i meknûn.
Kritische Edition mit Kommentar. Laban Kaptein (Hg.)
AuthorLaban Kaptein, Ahmed Bican Yazıcıoğlu
Publisherprivately published (Laban Kaptein, Asch)
TypographyEyal Holtzman
FontsAdobe Jenson Pro, Winsoft Tasmeem, Kristal Open Caps, Castle Fleurons, Cloister Open Face BT, Arno Pro
Dimensions325 mm × 252 mm × 62 mm, 660 pages, 3,4 kg (excl. box)
PaperButterfly 120 g
Bindingdeerskin leather (Undyed and in natural state. Evidence of the animal’s outdoor life may be visible in minor blemishes in the hide.)

Laban Kaptein, Eindtijd en Antichrist (ad-Daggâl in de Islam) — Eschatologie bij Ahmed Bîcân († ca. 1466)


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TitleEindtijd en Antichrist (ad-Daggâl in de Islam). Eschatologie bij Ahmed Bîcân († ca. 1466).
AuthorLaban Kaptein
PublisherLeiden, Onderzoekinstituut CNWS
Dimensions240 mm × 160 mm × 14 mm; xii, 280 pages, 540 g
Extrascontains integral b/w facsimile of Dürr-i meknûn, Chapter 17 (Leiden MS Cod. Or 1301)