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Eindtijd en Antichrist (1997)

In 1997, Laban Kaptein published his doctoral thesis Eindtijd en Antichrist (The End of the World and the Antichrist), the first monograph dedicated entirely to Ahmed Bijan and the Dürr-i Meknûn, ‘Chapter Seventeen’ of which is devoted to the end of the world, and in particular to the little researched Islamic Antichrist: the terrible Dajjal. Kaptein offers an extensive, detailed analysis of topoi and themes that make up the figure of Dajjal and the account of the End of the World. It also becomes clear that Bijan was not an ‘apocalyptic’ and that he did not in any way employ End Time imagery to comment on his own times and tribulations. Next the remaining question gets answered: why then did Ahmed Bijan write what he wrote in the way that he did?

The doctoral thesis, which includes a facsimile text with critical notes and a translation of Chapter 17, manifests the desirability of publishing the complete Dürr-i Meknûn. With his 2007 edition Kaptein fulfilled that academic commitment.

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